Emotional Expression


Growing up is never easy. Children with limited ability to a language have a tendency to bite and hurt others. Here in tempat penitipan anak Flying Star Day Care Jakarta children are thought to express their emotional needs or feelings, through music, dance, art, english language and bahasa indonesia language. When a child is able to express themself better, they will no longer bite or hurt others, those whom have difficulty in expressing their emotion tend to be high tempered and depressed. To raise a happy child, in tempat penitipan anak Flying Star Daycare Jakarta we urge all team members to ensure when a child express a form of anger, they are given the words or outlet to express those anger.

During daily circle time, teacher spend time in discussing about feelings, and identifying emotion. Emotion is abstract it can not be seen, it can only be felt. By discussing repeated example of how these emotion might bubble up younger children can easier identify what emotion they are feeling by seeing older children express their emotion and giving examples of their emotion.



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