3x main meals/ day

At an early age in Tempat Penitipan anak Flying Star Daycare every child is thought to be independent. Children under the age of 3 years old will still be wpid-img-20141028-wa0021.jpgassisted when they are eating, they are encourage to eat by them self once they reach the age of 3 with minimal assistant.

Children will eat in a family table setting, where they
are able to talk about their day in school and at home, a child in Tempat Penitipan Anak Flying Star Daycare will be able to serve their own food once they reach the age of 4. This again will be reevaluted depending on each child capability.

Menu will vary between western and indonesian food. If your child needs 100% rice please inform our team. A variety of different menu are given to children through out the day to ensure that a child will not be a picky eater and is willing to try new things all the time, to explore something new without saying NO! to it first

To know what menus are available during the week parents are welcome to ask for a copy of the monthly menu or see a copy of the weekly menu on the cafeteria board



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