Pre- Kindergarten Program

Three year olds are full of curiosity and spend a great deal of time observing theworld around them. Three year olds are more secure and ready for higher level ofchallenge. Our curriculum is organized into theme – based units that addresscomplex topics that encourage children to develop their skills and confidence. Thecurriculum prepares them for school, promotes a balance of positive learning andplay, because children play is how children learn. Children are read to at least twicea day. Each unit incorporates language, math, science, creative arts, music, motorskills, and social development. Below are some examples of the six aspects ofdevelopment:

1. Social

a. Sharing

b. Co- operation

c. We stimulate your child to talk and listen

d. Take turns

e. Interact with friends

f. Learn the value of giving and receiving feedback

2. Physical

a. Develop small muscle control and hand/ eye coordination

b. Fine motor skills

c. Large motor control; body coordination, and balance

3. Intellectual/ Cognitive

a. Identify colours

b. Shapes

c. Sound recognition

d. Math skills

e. Science

4. Creativity

a. Arts and crafts

b. Dramatic play

c. Music

5. Emotion

a. Promote sense of self

b. Encourage pro social behaviour

c. Encourage responsibility for self and others

6. Language

a. Group letter with spoken words

b. Tell stories through figures and symbols

c. Experiment with different letter sounds

d. Explore characters and story plots

e. Recognizing and forming letters


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