Study Areas

Here in Flying Star we help guide children to develop 6 aspects of their development:




1. Social Skills


Children will learn to share, make friends, understand social courtesy




2. Physical Development


Through Physical Education, Music and body movement children will develop their Gross Motoric skills.   Children will learn to swim every two weeks, and develop their Fine Motor skills through writing.




3. Creative


Children are encourage to explore their enviroment through a variety of media, these media will later on  form various arts and crafts.




4. Cognitive


Science, Social Studies, History, and Music are introduce at an early age. These subjects allow children to be critical thinkers, allow them to ask questions and seek answers





5. Emotion


Children need to learn how to handle their emotion. When a child is able to communicate his feelings, and  stay calm to form a solution they perform better in school and enjoys life more than thoose who have difficulties controlling their emotions.




6. Language


When a child arraives in Flying Star School they will be exposed with 3 languages; Mandarin, English and  Bahasa Indonesia. A child above the age of 3 will be exposed to two language first, then a third language

will be expose once they have conquered a second language.


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