Our Service

We are a team of professionals devoted to quality child care and the education of infant through school age children. Since a child learns better when they are having fun, we have design flexible lesson plans that are active, stimulating and interesting to children on their own levels.

The program creates a good, interactive environment that challenges and promotes children’s growth and well- being through discovery and exploration, enriching children’s early literacy, respecting each child as an individual, recognizing that every child has different abilities and interests which needs to be recognizes and nurtured.

We encourage children to learn without frustration or fear of failure, preparing children for lifetime journey of learning, supporting their lives with opportunities to expand their imagination, sense of wonder and build self- confidence. We achieve this through developing their:

1. Social Skills

a. Developing self- help skills

b. Learning to get along in a group

c. Learning to help others

d. Learning to control anti- social impulses

e. Learning to cope with frustration

f. Learning and respecting other’s feeling

g. Developing adequate self- control

2. Physical Development

a. Developing gross motor skills

b. Developing fine motor skills

c. Acquiring pre- writing skills

d. Learning about nutrition

e. Learning about the body

3. Intellectual/ Cognitive Development

a. Exploring science

b. Recognizing music

c. Mathematics

4. Language Development

a. Teaching speech

b. Developing language skills

c. Teaching general knowledge and comprehension skills

d. Developing re- reading skills

5. Creativity

a. Encouraging self- expression

b. Stimulating original thinking

c. Art

6. Emotional Abilities

a. Learning to trust and initiate

b. Teaching them to know about their feelings

c. Helping them to understand the feeling of others

Our services stretch beyond child care to support the whole family. Families using the service, receive daily communications on their child’s day, and prompt attention to any concerns.

The service does not discriminate in the enrolment of children or selection of staff or volunteers upon the basis of race, colour, creed, age, religion, sex, national origin, or handicap.


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