About our Primary Education

The Way Forward


We want our children to grow up to be confident persons, effective communicators, and independent learners. We want them to be resilient, adaptable, innovative and able to work in teams. They should be citizens who are morally upright, have a strong sense of civic responsibility, and who will contribute actively to bettering the lives of others around them.

To prepare our children to thrive in a fast-changing and globalised future, it is recommended that Primary education should have a better balance between the learning of knowledge and the development of skills and values, which is key to preparing our children for a more dynamic future.

A range of enhancements will be implemented in primary school education over the next few years. The aim is to make learning enjoyable and meaningful for your child, while developing in him the desired skills and values that will put him in good stead for the future. Here’s a brief look at what your child can expect as he embarks on his journey of learning at his primary school.

Primary Education

Balancing Knowledge Balancing Knowledge with Skills and Values

The Way Forward

More Engaging Teaching Methods

Y our child will look forward to school when teachers make lessons come to life by infusing more active and creative learning strategies in the curriculum.

For example, your child will learn mathematical concepts through investigative tasks and real-life activities, and language skills through role-play and drama. Science lessons will be through doing experiments, making observations and deductions and such lessons can take place both indoors and outdoors, in school and outside school.

Creative teaching methods mean a more enjoyable learning experience. We strongly believe that if our children enjoy school, they will be happier and grow up to be life-long learners. We engage children in hands-on experience projects in school, as well as other creative teaching methods, such as exposure to speech and drama, role-play and games, as these make her learning journey more memorable, meaningful and effective.

Primary Education 4 L L earning will continue to expand beyond the four walls of a classroom. The new Programme for Active Learning (PAL) will give your child the chance to discover new interests, learn new skills and build his character, besides providing opportunities for him to develop confidence and forge new friendships.

For two hours a week, your child will have the opportunity to try out activities in the areas of sports and outdoor education, as well as performing and visual arts activities. These will take place within curriculum time.

MOE will also strengthen the quality of Physical Education, and Art and Music education. These Programme for subjects are integral to a holistic education


Programme for Active Learning, will encourage children to take up more sports activities, or develop an interest in performing and visual arts. Many life-skills and values are developed through subjects such as Physical Education, Art and Music. It is also great that the activities under the Programme for Active Learning are held within school hours so kids don’t have to stay back after school. experience for our students. They enable our students to develop physical robustness, enhance their creative and expressive capacities, and shape their personal, cultural and social identity. Active Learning The Way Forward

Alternative Modes of Assessment to Support Your Child’s Development

Teacher will give parents fedback not only in academic learning progress but also on her social and interaction skills, and character development, which will help parents understand what is expected of the child and how parents can help them grow.

Other assesment methods beside book report are; portfolios and presentations, to assess our children’s progress in school. This will help them to build confidence and most importantly, make learning a fun experience for them. Traditional report books provide marks or grades to inform you how your child is doing academically, but little about how he is growing as an individual and his acquisition of life skills and values.

Teachers will go beyond pen-andpaper testing and use a wide range of assessment tools, including written and performance tasks, to get a more complete picture of your child’s learning. Rather than relying on grades alone, meaningful feedback on your child’s progress will help you better understand his mastery of concepts and skills, as well as his strengths and areas for improvement in both academic and non-academic areas.

Teachers will also use information gleaned from assessments to improve teaching and your child’s learning in class.


Primary Education

Knowing Your Child

It is important for teachers to know students individually. In this regard, the form teacher plays a key role in caring for his or her students, paying attention to their development in every domain. Primary schools will have a new guidance period for greater interaction between form teachers and their pupils. This period will be very useful for form teachers to know their pupils better and to be able to provide timely and effective encouragement, guidance and support.


The Way Forward


A Quality A Quality Teaching Force


Primary Education

New Expertise in School Team

Caring and Skilful Teachers

Our children deserve caring, committed teachers who are well-qualified, having strong mastery not just in content, but also skilful in bringing their lessons to life.

Our teachers will undergo enhanced training and professional development so they can give their best in educating and nurturing a love for learning in your child.

We will also be recruiting more Allied Educators to partner teachers in and out of the classroom. Allied Educators (Teaching and Learning) work closely with teachers in the classroom to facilitate learning, while Allied Educators (Learning and Behavioural Support) assist children with special learning needs and Allied Educators (Counselling) look into children’s emotional wellbeing. This means that your child’s learning and developmental needs will be more comprehensively looked after by his school.

As a parent, you play a critical role as our partner in the mission to prepare our young for the future. We require your support so that your child can achieve the full benefits of a balanced and holistic primary education.



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