• Cognitive – Intelligence

    Through Star Ysa School program, children learn by active learning, that are fun and promote both independent learning and group interaction, with the following subject: [...]
  • Language

    Language is not only expressed by speaking, art is also a language of expression, so is music, and dance. Here in tempat penitipan Flying Star daycare, children learn two [...]
  • Creativity

    Being Creative is another aspect here in tempat penitipan anak Flying Star Daycare consider is important as part of a the whole child learning system. Being creative ensure [...]
  • Emotional Expression

    Growing up is never easy. Children with limited ability to a language have a tendency to bite and hurt others. Here in tempat penitipan anak Flying Star Day Care Jakarta [...]
  • Stimulate Physical Growth

    Tempat penitipan anak Flying Star Daycare Jakarta stimulate children physical growth by providing nutritious food and also providing generous amount of gross motor skill [...]
  • Learn to Socialize

    Being able to socialize is a very important skill in life. Here in tempat penitipan anak Flying Star Daycare Jakarta, children will learn how to socialize towards their peers [...]


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Call Us : (021) 750 5492 Visit Us: Jl. Manunggal Jaya no.30, Lebak Bulus School Website: [...]


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Primary & Preschool

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visit http://www.starysa.com for more information regarding Star Ysa school [...]